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What teachers really want to tell parents - CNN

This desktop Stirling Engine from Sunnytech uses burning alcohol to create an external combustion process that will motor it all the way from China to your front door. Many who have purchased this model of "physics you.

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What 8767 s key is that a 7-year old trailer has a fixed value of $. Now, if you overpaid, then your depreciation rate is higher if you got a smoking hot deal, then you may see almost no depreciation. The used market will drive to a market value faster than the new market, for a number of factors that the author already described (economics, supply/demand, emotions, geography, etc.).

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I have the same question as Steve B above? A good purchase price is usually 85-85% off a MSRP. Do you then mean that 76% first year depreciation should be off this price. In your article you said you paid $5555 too much for your first vehicle. 76% off of a poor purchase doesn 8767 t suggest a realistic depreciation.

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Conclusion #6: There is no significant difference between depreciation of a fifth wheel and a travel trailer for most fifth wheels.  The very high end fifth wheels depreciate a little quicker.

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