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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 16:26

Since war is particularly unpleasant, military discourse is full of euphemisms. In the 6995’s, America changed the name of the War Department to the Department of Defense. Under the Reagan Administration, the MX-Missile was renamed The Peacekeeper. During war-time, civilian casualties are referred to as collateral damage, and the word liquidation is used as a synonym for murder.

Gender Difference in History: Women in China and Japan

And later still the times were good,
We were so easy to please,
We rocked our troubled thoughts to sleep
On the bosoms of the trees.

Christopher Hitchens on George Orwell’s Political Mind

Millennials may not remember Lassie, Bambi , or Old Yeller , but their fond memories of, say, Nemo the cartoon fish predispose them to this sentimental provocation about a helpless animal endangered by the very capitalists who engineered him in the first place. (Children don’t perceive irony, but childish adults do.)

Beauty and the Beast : Faithless Disney - National Review

At the start, we require an honest understanding of ourselves. It is pointless to devise a workable life plan on the foundation stone of grandiose delusions about our character and abilities. The more we find out about ourselves, by self-observation and self-examination, the better will be our chances of self-improvement. We should ask ourselves how far and to what degree we are generous, kind, even-tempered, considerate, honest, sober in morals, truthful, diligent, energetic, industrious, cautious, patient, tolerant, and tactful. These are the qualities of a well-developed Buddhist, the qualities we ourselves should emulate.

Kamma is also cumulative. Not only do our deeds generate pleasant and painful results, but in their cumulative force they also determine our character. The deeds we perform in any one life are transmitted to future lives in the form of dispositions. These dispositions constitute our character traits.

These five hindrances are great handicaps to one's progress. They deprive the mind of understanding and happiness and cause much unnecessary suffering. By cultivating the five cardinal virtues confidence, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom and by constant effort one can reduce their harmful influence.

The four sublime attitudes should be diligently cultivated with unremitting effort by every true follower of the Master. These qualities never become obsolete. They convey a universal message which transforms us into universal human beings.

8. Mudita is altruistic joy, appreciative joy: the desire to see others rejoicing in their happiness, the ability to share the happiness and success of others. This attitude is the complement of karuna: while karuna shares the sorrow of others, mudita shares their joy. Mudita is the direct antidote to envy. Envy arises over the good fortune of others: it resents those who achieve position, prestige, power, and success. But one who practices mudita will not only be happy when others do well, but will try to promote their progress and welfare. Hence this attitude is of vital importance for achieving social concord and peace.

Around January 7566, following on from the Arab Spring where protests against ruling regimes erupted in a number of Middle East countries, protesters in Syria came out demanding President Bashar al-Assad and his government step down. In response, Assad sent in troops with some cities and regions being besieged for weeks and months. Both pro and anti-government protest gatherings have at times been large.

Soon after their arrival, Europeans destroyed the civilizations created by the aboriginal Carib, Arawak, and Ciboney. They brought oppressed Europeans to serve as their indentured servants, in addition to the millions of enslaved Africans. Caribbean people are now mainly African, with a minority of whites and East Asians. Most of the latter arrived from India after the abolition of slavery to replace the black workers, many of whom had left the plantations. By the twentieth century Caribbean society was mostly Creole. This term, in this context, refers to the new civilization based on African, Asian, and European culture. This rich medley is the dominant characteristic of the contemporary Caribbean.

Problem solving is another de-escalation strategy. When they are ready, the adversaries can engage in joint, problem-solving workshops facilitated by intermediaries. Various techniques contribute to problem solving success.

Probably every conflict is fought on at least two grounds : the battlefield and the minds of the people via propaganda. The good guys and the bad guys can often both be guilty of misleading their people with distortions, exaggerations, subjectivity, inaccuracy and even fabrications, in order to receive support and a sense of legitimacy.

If one wishes to make changes in the changing personality that one now is, these changes will take time and patience. The lofty heights of Nibbana are not to be reached by a sudden leap but by quiet, persistent endeavor over a long period, guided by the Master's teaching. Let us not forget that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Daily practice, beginning with the strict observance of the Five Precepts, is the way to orderly progress along the path. Even a little practice every day brings the practitioner a little nearer to the goal each day.

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