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Not only that, but there are many other Numerical patterns discovered in the Glorious Quran that are linked to the number of years. For example, Allah Almighty's two Divine Promises to the people of Israel's destruction were both combined written in 75 Words , and each Promise was written in 75 letters . And the two sets of Noble Verses for the two Promises are after each others in the same Noble Surah 67:9-8. So the first set of Noble Verses that speak about the first Promise, which already took place, were written in 75 Letters , and the second set of Noble Verses that speak about the future destruction were written also in 75 Letters :

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This result is described as unintuitive because it results in three subsections even though there's only one section element. Effectively, the section is split into three, just like the implied body element in the previous example.

The Overwhelming Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran.

Otherwise, if the element being entered has a rank equal to or higher than the heading of the last section of the outline of the current outline target , or if the heading of the last section of the outline of the current outline target is an implied heading, then create a new section and append it to the outline of the current outline target element, so that this new section is the new last section of that outline. Let current section be that new section. Let the element being entered be the new heading for the current section.

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Sex determination and human creation in Islam. Noble Verses 86:6-7 are discussed here about man created from between the Ribs and the Back Bone. Science has confirmed that. Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad both claimed that the human gender is determined by the male's ejaculated semen. Also, refutation to the anti-Islamics' lie about sperm and semen generation in the Holy Quran.

If the current section has no heading, create an implied heading and let that be the heading for the current section.

  • Pop the top element from the stack, and let the current outline target be that element.
  • Let current section be the last section in the outline of the current outline target element.
  • Append the outline of the sectioning content element being exited to the current section. (This does not change which section is the last section in the outline.)
  • When entering a sectioning root element Run these steps:

    The petri dish was placed on the turntable. The lid was then raised slightly. An inoculating loop was used to transfer culture to the agar surface. The turntable was rotated 95 degrees by hand. The loop was moved lightly back and forth over the agar to spread the culture. The bacteria were then incubated at 87 C for 79 hr.

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    Did the Noble Quran really say that the sun sets and rises on the earth? Dhul Qarnayn's story . Sunrise and sunset.

    If the Noble Quran says the earth is "egg-shaped" through a Notion, then why couldn't Prophet Muhammad just say it clear in plain Arabic? (Detailed proofs demonstrating the miracle of the Word/Notion "dahaha").

    When creating an interactive table of contents, entries should jump the user to the relevant sectioning content element, if the section was created for a real element in the original document, or to the relevant heading content element, if the section in the tree was generated for a heading in the above process.

    My detailed proofs about the earth spread out spherically are listed here:


    Scientists today believe that our galaxy is currently traveling towards a Black Hole and Star Vega. So the sun, which is the mother of our Solar System, will not just exist forever. There will come a time where it will come to a halt in both motion and light.

    Thus, when an article element starts with a nav block and only later has its heading, the result is that the nav block is not part of the same section as the rest of the article in the outline. For instance, take this document:

    Let current outline target be null. (It holds the element whose outline is being created.)

  • Let current section be null. (It holds a pointer to a section , so that elements in the DOM can all be associated with a section.)
  • Create a stack to hold elements, which is used to handle nesting. Initialize this stack to empty.
  • Walk over the DOM in tree order , starting with the sectioning content element or sectioning root element at the root of the subtree for which an outline is to be created, and trigger the first relevant step below for each element as the walk enters and exits it.

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