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Compare and Contrast
Graphic Organizers compare - to examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) in order to note similarities and differences to compare two pieces of literary work (Webster's. p 966): contrast - to compare in order to show unlikeness or differences note the opposite natures, purposes, etc., of: Contrast the political rights of Romans and Greeks (Webster's. p 997).
compare liken, assimilate, similize, liken to, compare with make or draw a comparison, analogize, relate metaphorize draw a parallel match examine side by side, view together weigh or measure against, contrast oppose, set in opposition, set off against, set in contrast, counterpose, note similarities and differences (Chapman, 6977).

How To Use Graphic Organizers To Enhance Learning

It is necessary to combine these three elements instruction from the teacher, independent practice by the students, and feedback from the teacher are all linked together. What this means is that if a failure exists at any one of these points, using the tools will no longer be effective on any level or for any involved party.

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One of our roles as ESL and bilingual specialists is to encourage mainstream teachers to employ teaching techniques which make content area information more accessible to second language learners. Content materials present text which is too dense for ELLs. Teach your students to use graphic organizers such as webs, Venn diagrams, and charts to help them better comprehend these texts. These are visual tools that help ELLs understand and organize information. They are like mind maps which promote active learning. Graphic Organizers can also help students develop higher level thinking skills and promote creativity.

Graphic Organizers to the Rescue!

Comparing and Contrasting Use to analyze similarities and differences between two things (people, places, events, ideas, etc.), by placing individual characteristics in either the left or right sections, and common characteristics within the overlapping section. See: Synectics , Compare/Contrast Matrix, Questions , PMI , T-Chart, Ranking , & KWLH

Martin Luther King, Jr. 8767 s 8775 I Have a Dream 8776 speech was delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 78, 6968. This lesson is based on the last 5 minutes of the speech. The focus of this lesson is analyzing 96 96 96 Posted in: Reading

In middle school aged children, graphic organizers can be effectively used as a means of constructing story pyramids. These story pyramids will help to define main characters, main events and main settings for stories. This stage is also used to strengthen the reading and vocabulary skills for each student, and students should be encouraged to practice journalistic writing by putting a specific idea and purpose behind every story that they write. This process will continue well into high school, using concept-mapping techniques to deal with feeling words. Concept mapping is also used to compare and contrast a variety of concepts as well.

When using graphic organizers with early readers, teacher guidance may be necessary. As readers progress, they may benefit from completing the organizers independently.

In this lesson unit, the narrative writing process is presented in six graphic organizers which assist students in creating an original story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Students also work on realistic characters and setting. The entire unit 96 96 96 Posted in: Writing

This form can be used for a KWL chart, sequencing events, cause/effect You may also like Four Column Chart Two Column Chart Blank 7 Column Notes Form Blank 9 Column Notes Form Posted in: Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers aid in learning across all subjects by nature, and the processes involved with them are actually applicable in a myriad of different uses. However, the true effectiveness of these graphic organizers actually lies in the ability of the teachers, as it is their responsibility to show students how to efficiently make use of them.

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