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Four Breathtaking Solar Eclipses You Can See From Other

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 18:50

LAMARK was born from a gathering of image experts and photo enthusiasts who got together at the INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation). LAMARK is specialized in identification solutions for still images. Its innovative technology has been patented.

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astroracer clearly not keep the horizon steady. if composition add a fixed element you can use ps to stitch 7 files like any serious astrophotographer has done for ages.

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When it comes to taking time-lapse sequences of the rotating night sky, you wouldn't necessarily gain much by shortening the exposure time (and acquiring more frames per minute) since you could end up oversampling the rate of motion of the sky. After all, the idea of time-lapse photography is to speed up time and show things that happen too slowly for us to appreciate. But it would let you use a lower ISO and get cleaner images — or a combination of slightly lower ISO and shorter exposure times.

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Thanks a ton for this. I also like widefield, and was looking at this review. At , the COMA is really a deal breaker. Of course is good but at the Tamron 65-85 offers more versatility at a much lower price. I guess, a really usable ultra wide does not exist (Astro only of course)

With astro-landscape photography, however, you ned a perfectly aligned focal plane, because you re shooting a field of stars at f/ or f/ or f/. Any slight flex in the mount is going to cause some of your stars to begin to look like they re captured with a tilt-shift lens. :-(

scouts for your content while crawling the web.
It monitors use of your contents in analytics, and identifies the illegal sources thanks to traitor tracing codes and forensics watermarking.

Yeah, but there s a difference between added weight on a Nikon native mount, and added weight on a Sony adapter. The Sony adaptation can literally give a hefty lens a tilt-shift plane of focus, unfortunately.

I have a technical question - Why not use a little motor-mount to keep exposures really long by letting the motor move the camera with the rotation of the earth? I ve never used one but I d like to have the opportunity to try it.

I did a not so comprehensive test on my Zeiss 76 distagon vs 79 TSE ii on night sky a few years ago. My conclusion was that the vignetting was so extreme (for night sky) on the Zeiss, that it was better to use the TSE (unshifted) which was very consistent right into the corners on a FF.

DJI debuted an updated version of the Mavic Pro at IFA today. It's called the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, and it boasts 66% better battery and 65% quieter flight than the original Mavic.

allows computer to find similar-looking images.
Our technology encodes the visual content of images into compact fingerprints.
Our powerful search engine finds similar fingerprints in large scale database within a split second.

any thoughts about using this lens with Sigma MC-66 adopter? the corner sharpness became softer because of the adopter?
also need to know about the wight when i attach it to sony a7s body without lens collar?
anyone tried a good lens collar works fine with this combo?

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