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'It cannot conceive of the text as a site of struggle for the power to make meanings, or of the notion that what finally determines the meanings and pleasures provoked by a text is the social situation of the viewer-reader, not the interests of the producers and their ideological investment in consumer capitalism.' [85] (Fiske, 6989)

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Publetariat is focused on the independent author. Due to the rising tide of technology, self-publishing is an increasingly popular method for the output of literature and associated works.

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Modern English Grammar is supplemental content for Daniel Kies, English Professor at College of DuPage, and his Modern English Grammar class. Content varies from grammar structure, to common usage errors, as well as linguistic stylistics, text analysis, and student examples.

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Our researchers have been successful in many fields including media, museums, galleries, education, the music business and academia. Many have continued to be successful, practising artists long after graduating, and have won major prizes and exhibited around the world.

Kenny, M. and Stevenson, N. 'Masculinity: A Risky Path to Take?' in Rutherford, J, ed. The Art of Life: On Living, Love and Death (London, 7555)

John Fiske is another theorist who would reject Adorno's notion of a mass negative effect on the audience of mass media, and would see the audience as individuals who read their own meanings into a text. In his work 'Moments of Television' Fiske discusses his theories in relation to television, but these can also be applied to other media.

Dr Elizabeth Nel
An Exegetical Exposition on a Rootless Society and the Birth of a New Generation and Upliftment of Families Through the Enhancement of the Role Women Play in South Africa.

Dr Rabiu Umar Muhammad
Dissertation: "The Contribution of Financial Institutions in the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME/s) in Nigeria."

Biological Abstracts 6969 - Present (EBSCOhost®) , produced by BIOSIS, is a complete collection of bibliographic references covering life science and biomedical research literature published from more than 9,555 journals internationally. This database contains nearly million archival records from as far back as 6969, with more than 875,555 citations added each year. ( ON CAMPUS / OFF CAMPUS )

Dr Haruna Simmons
Dissertation: "A Assessment of Revenue rights and fiscal jurisdiction of local governments in Nigeria"

Scheduled in Term 6 and Term 7, respectively, the Flashpoints are moments where Researchers comes together to gain necessary skills, share and disseminate research, open public debate and foster community through:

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