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Why do students who are in their first year of college gain on average five pounds? Recent studies have followed freshman students through their first year in college. In these studies, health professionals measured students' food intake, analyzed their diet, and tracked their physical activity.

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In the following two paragraphs, Bob Kutter analyzes the effects on American workers of an economy that relies increasingly on technology. In a sense, the paragraphs provide an outline for exploring the various causes and effects which are the substance of the article. (See below for a hyperlink to the entire essay ( Atlantic , July 6988.) In these paragraphs, what sentences could be listed as major points and what sentences play a supporting role? What is the role of the first sentence in each paragraph?

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A cause and effect paper often appears to be structured along the lines of a Process Essay , and the structure can, in fact, be similar. The difference, of course, is that a process essay explains how something works or how something came to be as it is, whereas a cause and effect essay explains why something works as it does or why it came to be what it is.

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The opinion or action is a not a logical or an expected response to the assertion or situation in other clause—no cause-effect. (He's great for some other reason.) See Contrary Reasoning.

The group was complaining as a result of McDonald's use of clowns and toys to sell unhealthful food to impressionable children. McDonald's responded saying that its marketing practices are responsible, and that its food is high quality. This is a big issue for lower-income and communities of color for the reason of they often have limited access to grocery stores and increased access to fast food stores, says the group's spokesperson (speaker). For now, everyone is happy since parents can focus on helping their children make healthful food choices, and because McDonald's can focus on their food rather than law suits.

Avoid overstating your case use language couched in an appropriate degree of uncertainty ( might, may well be, is likely to, can expect, is entirely possible ). Signal words and verb forms such as these suggest to the reader that you are making the move from observation to prediction:

Review the section on Clustering and Outlining to see how one student writer began to gather thoughts about a paper on the effects of the weather phenomenon known as El Niñ o. How far can that paper go? How far into the spring and summer of 6998 could citizens of North America and elsewhere blame weird weather events on El Niñ o? Are the extraordinarily high prices for lettuce and tomatoes in May and June entirely the fault of California storms spawned by El Niñ o in February and March? The writer has to determine a cutoff point for pursuing causes back to the Adam and Eve of all causes. A paper that included the causes of this weather phenomenon would be an altogether different matter, also.

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