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The teaching this month is Truth. Head over to our Catcha Bear website to download new Blackline Masters and view more information about The Seven Grandfather Teachings book.

ReadingQuest | Reading Strategies for Social Studies

Reading Workshop has proven to be very effective, especially with moderately-proficient to advanced readers. Last year when I implemented the Reading Workshop fully, my class had a 95% passing rate on our End-of-Grade Reading test, and students overall made significant gains. More importantly, they learned to love reading for its own sake. As they became voracious readers, I noticed that they improved in other areas as well. Our class became a community of readers who loved to learn and learners who loved to read6

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This chapter provides sample schedules for a kindergarten and first grade program. Use these schedules as a starting point to tailor your own instructional day.

AdaptedMind Math

This chapter provides narrative writing lessons for stages 6-9. Each stage begins with a chant to introduce to students what they will be learning, followed by direct instruction steps to learn in order to plan and write their stories. Stage One is one sentence, a story opening. Stage Two is a paragraph story. While Stages Three and Four advance to stories that include more complex sentences and dialogue.

The first video in this section is an introduction to the four stages of opinion writing about a topic and text, as well as an analysis of their similarities and differences. The remaining eight videos (four for a topic and four for a text) are detailed explanations of how to teach the different stages of opinion writing for topics and texts. Please note: A free download for opinion writing about topics is also included in this section.

This chapter provides an overview of the four daily components of writing. These include language development, teacher write, interactive writing, and instructional leveled-writing (small group and whole group). These four components will increase students’ academic language, as well as slowly release each student from high-levels of teacher support to independent writing.

There are a variety of ways you can assess reading progress informally, but you will still need another formal assessment system such as running records. Many school systems require students to take regular formative assessments such as quarterly benchmark tests, and that data can be very helpful in monitoring progress.

This online training is for Teachers, Support Staff, and Parents. Utilize Nancy Fetzer 8767 s K-6 Writing Curriculum Online Training Manual and Videos to teach the Common Core State Writing Standards for Kindergarten and First Grade students. The manual and videos are packed with research-based, highly engaging lessons, tools, and techniques to ensure ALL students, whether Second Language Learners, Special Education, and General Education master the standards.

Reading Workshop is a powerful way to structure your reading class. Using this model involves encouraging your students to choose their own books as well as providing significant amounts of time for them to read independently. By allowing your students to choose their own books, you can foster a love of reading that will last a lifetime. Research shows that when children spend more time reading, they become better readers. With a little guidance and encouragement from a teacher who loves to read, students can learn to select appropriate books and discover joy in reading.

This chapter provides informational writing lessons for stages 6-9. Each stage begins with a chant to introduce to students what they will be learning, followed by direct instruction steps to learn in order to plan and write information. Stage One is for a topic sentence. Stage Two is a beginning paragraph. While Stages Three and Four advance to paragraphs that include more complex sentences and conclusions.

Build successful reading and writing skills with our diverse literature, research-based instruction, and a wealth of reliable teaching tools & lessons.

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