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The previous section already described the various symptoms that can occur due to these six aspects of Culture Shock. This part deals with the different types of reaction to the phenomenon.

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676 further points, comprising 68 further Commerce points and 658 points of approved language and/or culture papers*, which will normally include an 68 point business language paper and an approved 68 point culture paper. At least 59 of these 676 points must be at 755-level or above.

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In contrast to that a separist strategy implies a strong cultural identity but no willingness to sustain intergroup relations. The separist, chauvinist or contrast type experiences the differences between the cultures very strongly. He refuses the host culture and tends to idealize the own cultural identity. This behavior leads to an increase in ethnocentric tendencies and chauvinism. Those individuals having a weak identity with their culture of origin and are strongly attracted to the contact culture are known as the assimilated passing type. They almost fully reject the culture of origin and adapt completely to the norms and values of the host culture. The loss of cultural identity poses a significant problem for re-integration.

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Sense of loss and feelings of deprivation, concerning friends, status, profession and possessions Feeling of rejection, either because one feels rejected by or rejects members of the foreign culture Confusion about one's role, the expectations of others, values, feelings, and self-identity Anxiety and even disgust/anger after having realized the extent of cultural differences Feelings of helplessness, because of the feeling not to be able to cope with the new situation 87

The International Business major offers students the opportunity to combine the study of key international business issues with the study of language and cultural issues.

Knowledge about a culture, the length of residence, amount of contact with host nationals, previous experience abroad, and cross-cultural training are commonly considered in relation to cross-cultural adaptation. 98

Of course this model only describes an ideal process of Culture Shock and adaptation. Not every individual in every situation goes through the process according to Oberg's model. The development of real conflicts can differ significantly. On the one hand some intercultural encounters cannot make it through the crisis phase and no way of communication and recovery can be found. Instead of improving understanding and accepting differences the conflict escalates and finally leads to separation. On the other hand there are intercultural encounters that only show minor effects of crisis or even no Culture Shock at all. 75

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