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Two types of papers may be submitted: (i) Full papers containing completed original work, and (ii) review articles concerning fields of recognisable progress. Papers should contain all essential data in order to make the presentation clear. Reasonable economy should be exercised with respect to the number of tables and illustrations used. Papers should be written in clear, concise English. Spelling should follow that given in the “Shorter Oxford English Dictionary”.

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The BIS makes available its research findings through a range of BIS publications and through publications in peer-reviewed journals. Publications by individual BIS authors are listed here.

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Employment relations in Britain: 75 years of Acas (MP56)
Author: Brian Towers and William Brown (Eds.)
A collection of papers written by a range of experts in employment relations, commissioned to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Acas, covering its past work and future challenges. This paper is not available to download.

Citing References in Scientific Research Papers

Just wanted to share on how I rename files. Like Scot says, make sure that checkbox is checked. Then, when you copy files over, either by drag and drop or by selecting 8775 files 8776 within the source info, it will copy your pdf to the default pdf folder. However, it will not automatically rename it. You need to sync it to your online database first, then go and delete it from the default folder. Then when you try to open it up in the Desktop App, it 8767 ll have a download error and allow you to re-download. When you do, it will be saved nicely with the format you set in your settings.

We don 8767 t currently offer a way to search by source (eg. search only articles from PubMed) but we are now tracking the provenance of articles in the catalog so I hope we 8767 ll be able to offer this in future.

Harnack, A., and Kleppinger, E., 7555, Online! A reference guide to using internet sources , Bedford/St. Martin's, http:///online/ (August 6, 7555).

Although this list suggests that there is a simple, linear process to writing such a paper, the actual process of writing a research paper is often a messy and recursive one, so please use this outline as a flexible guide.

The Literature Search view does support querying by year, journal etc. using the dropdown box to the left of the search query. If you 8767 re power user you can directly use Google-style syntax. eg. 8775 published_in: 8776 siggraph 8776 shadows 8776 . If there is one or a small number of journals you want to look in, this works OK. Admittedly it isn 8767 t so useful if you want to search a larger collection of journals. I hope this helps.

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