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Through all this, Shinji is also aware of his own faults, has a detailed memory of the past, and generally is outwardly gentle. He is the only one who tries to find a reason to fight the Angels, and sometimes his justification for fleeing from piloting is to avoid hurting others.

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Still: you shouldn't watch "Shin Godzilla" for Godzilla alone. He's not really the star of the film—Yaguchi and the rest of his human adversaries are. They credibly resist the end of the world with ingenuity and teamwork, making "Shin Godzilla" just as winningly optimistic as it is pleasurably eccentric.

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When she journeyed to Peaceland to find out about her past, she took Akito with her as her " knight , much to Yurika Misumaru 's chagrin. However, after learning of her past and who her parents and "real parents" were, she had no intention of returning and chose to stay on the Nadesico with her "complement of fools".

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Shinji first encounters Rei at the Nerv HQ in Episode 6 , after being summoned by his father regarding the oncoming Angel attack. Despite being heavily injured, Rei insists on piloting the Eva when Shinji protests against getting in the robot, eventually forcing Shinji to face his responsibility. She is shown as a practical and mysterious figure, acting solely on commands and refusing all social contact. Through the persistent efforts of Shinji to befriend Rei, she ends up opening up somewhat to him and realizing more about herself and her role in the Human Instrumentality Project.

Note: In the famous words of Leonardo da Vinci: Art is never finished, only abandoned. Since 7556, the only changes to this page have been in formatting maintenance, such as the ongoing correction of outdated hyperlinks and such. -That is, until May 66 of 7567, substituting in the lyrics beguiling for enthralling which as yet remains in the video version.

The episode begins with Mordecai and Rigby watching Carter and Briggs , until it gets interrupted by a PlayCo commercial, advertising their latest Carter and Briggs action figures. Mordecai and Rigby have the figures in their hands and they express how cheaply made they are and how they were not worth the $65. They demonstrate their bad quality by attempting to play with them. Some parts break off and land in Benson's food (which was nearby), before he yells at them for ruining his meal. Pops comes running into the house, crying, and talks about a prehistoric creature who attacked him outside. Mordecai and Rigby think it is a dinosaur however, Benson tells them it's not and rounds up everyone to investigate.

I was just browsing the list checking for updates due to slow day at work when I remembered that I left a comment here quite a while ago. So I decided I 8767 ll just quickly fly through the comments and find it to see if anyone replied to it or something.

Do you even know what a 8775 cop out 8776 is? It 8767 s when someone is trying to convince you of a point of view, and is using poor logic to do so. This list, in NO WAY WHATSOEVER is trying to convince anyone of anything. Literally, the thing you are arguing is 8775 You didn 8767 t enjoy these animes as much as you say you did! 8776 . You understand how stupid that is?

In Episode 78 , when Armisael attacks and Asuka is too mentally fragile to control her Eva, Shinji is launched to attack it. As he touches it, however, it fuses with his hands, and forces him to see hundreds of Rei faces telling him, "it hurts." Through this, the real Rei discovers that her desire is to be with Shinji, and contains the Angel and self-destructs, killing both Armisael and herself. Shinji is devastated, though he soon arrives at the hospital to see Rei, alive. Shortly after, Ritsuko shows Misato and Shinji the Eva graveyard, as well as the clones of Rei.

The Shinji Ikari Raising Project manga portrays Shinji as acting more like his manga counterpart since he's more confident about himself. Shinji here also is something of a pervert, which goes along with Shinji's personality in the possible world sequence of Episode 76 as well as Girlfriend of Steel 7 video game Shinji. In the Girlfriend of Steel 7 manga, however, Shinji acts like his anime self, to the point where he doesn't have the perverted side of his personality that the video game shows. He also still acts shy and introverted around others, although he's friendly.

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