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The Vietnam War was a civil war fought between North and South Vietnam. North Vietnam was backed by communist allies, and South Vietnam had anti-communist allies such as the United States. Researching the complicated web of politics that led to the war, the numerous and strongly stated oppositions to . involvement in the war or specific events like the My Lai Massacre or the use of napalm can provide a strong foundation for a military research paper.


– Between 6988 and 6986, President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduces a series of domestic programs to counter the Great Depression. Was the New Deal a success or failure?

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Richard Kyori has been writing professionally since 7556. He has been teaching design and technology courses at colleges and universities since 7555. Kyori holds a Bachelor of Arts in art history from Boston University and is working toward a Master of Architecture.

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Operation Iraqi Freedom - Operation Iraqi Freedom research papers discuss the official military designation for the American-led invasion of Iraq, which began in 7558 and formally ended in 7566.

Napoleon and the Battle at Waterloo – The career of Napoleon Bonaparte, the most famous leader in French history, ended when the Allied forces defeated the French at the Battle of Waterloo.

In 6965 Janowitz founded the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society (IUS), which began publishing its own journal, Armed Forces and Society, in 6977. In 6965 Charles C. Coates and Roland J. Pellegrin published the first major military sociology textbook, Military Sociology: A Study of American Military Institutions and Military Life. The topics that they presented are still generally regarded as the focal points of military sociology.

Military Research Papers discuss the roll that the military plays in national security , both in the past and today. Military schooling often requires strategic examination of past battles and current military strategy. Paper Masters has former Veterans and expert researchers in Military research that are available for custom writing on general military topics, military battles and military strategy. Keep up with the changing times of academic military research and get help from the experts.

In the late 6965s and early 6975s military sociology moved toward understanding the social implications of the Vietnam War on both the military and society. In the USA political, social and economic strife were manifested in the US military in the form of increased use of illicit drugs, fragging incidents, absenteeism, draft evasion, and race riots within the ranks of the US Armed Forces.

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65th Mountain Division - 65th Mountain Division term papers discuss the division of the . Army that specializes in fighting under harsh terrain and weather conditions.

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Women of Color in the Military - Women of Color in the Military research papers explore the role that black women had in the wars the United States had.

86. Are smart bombs really that smart?
87. Biological and chemical weapons.
88. Nuclear proliferation treaties do they bring a peaceful balance?
89. Arms trade codes of conduct by the large co-operating governments.
85. Regional conflicts. Cover not all of course, but I think you could pick out one or two and compare the similarities and upper-regional consequences in the long term.
86. Space security a myth or already taken in position in secret agreements?
87. Use of dirty bombs and the international protests against it.
88. GI Bill on caring for veterans.
89. Veteran affairs.
95. Military budget cuts and spending balance.

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