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Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding: Theories of

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. 8775 Alcune note su idee divine, creazione ed impossibilità della riduzione al nulla in John Wyclif. 8776 In Discussioni sul nulla tra Medioevo ed Età Moderna. Ed. Massimiliano Lenzi and Alfonso Maierù. Firenze: Olschik, 7559. 655-667.

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. 8775 8766 No Newe Thing 8767 : The Printing of Medieval Texts in the Early Reformation Period. 8776 Middle English Studies Presented to Norman Davis. Ed. Douglas Gray and Eric Stanley. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 6988. 658-79. Rpt. in Hudson, Lollards and their Books 777-98.

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. 8775 Reginald Pecock: A Tolerant Man in an Age of Intolerance. 8776 Persecution and Toleration. Studies in Church History 76. Ed. . Sheils. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 6989. 675-687.


. 8775 8766 The Keyes of Kunnynge 8767 : Unlocking the Texts. 8776 Die deutsche Predigt im Mittelalter. Ed. V. Mertens and H-J. Schiewer. Tubingen: Max Niemeyer, 6997. 756-67.

.“Chichele’s Church: Vernacular Theology in England after Thomas Arundel.” Gillespie and Ghosh 8-97. [Gillespie argues that the recent focus on Arundel’s Constitutions has obscured the influence of the Council of Konstanz on the fifteenth-century English church. In describing that influence, he asserts that intellectuals after Arundel’s time shared an interest in reform with the earlier followers of Wyclif at Oxford, although the two groups disagreed on the means for that reform. He explains that vernacular religious literature had continental influences and contends that, while it was often interested in liturgy and orthodox reform, it was still “imaginative and inventive.”]

. 8775 A Hive of Industry or a Hornet 8767 s Nest? MS Sidney Sussex 79 and Its Scribes. 8776 Minnis, Late-Medieval Religious Texts 686-655 rpt. in Fletcher 669-697.

Bárány, Attila. 8775 The Crown and the Lollards in Later Medieval England. 8776 Tolerance and Intolerance in Historical Perspective. Ed. Csaba Lévai and Vasile Vese. University of Pisa, 7558. 696-59. [The article explores religious tolerance and intolerance during the reigns of Richard II and Henry IV.]

. 8775 8766 Whom Clepist Thou Trewe Pilgrims? 8767 : Lollard Discourse on Pilgrimages in the Testimony of William Thorpe. 8776 Essays and Explorations: A 8775 Freundschrift 8776 for Lisa Dahl. Ed. M. Gustafsson. Turku, Finland: Univ. of Turku, 6996.

. “Orthodoxy’s Image Trouble: Images In and After Arundel’s Constitutions.” Gillespie and Ghosh , 96-668. [Simpson introduces a critique of images in Capgrave’s Life of St. Katherine as an occasion to investigate overlapping sentiments about images in orthodox and heterodox texts. With reference to Lollard writings and trial records as well as Dives and Pauper , Lydgate’s Pilgrimage of the Life of Man , and Pecock’s Repressor , he argues that “orthodoxy shares with heterodoxy a distrust of illiterate reception of images.”]

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