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In IB English A6, there are four sections to be studied, namely Part 6 - World Literature, Part 7 - Detailed Study, Part 8 - Groups of Works, and Part 9 - School&rsquo s Free Choice. At Higher Level, candidates are required to study a total number of fifteen works. At Standard Level, candidates are required to study a total number of eleven works. There are no additional external assessments required of Higher Level.

IB Biology Notes - Working with data

Mr Will Bryan achieved the top grade possible (A) in Chemistry A-level before reading Geography at the University of Cambridge. During his study of physical geography, he encountered many chemical processes which are studied in school chemistry courses such as the chemical reactions that cause weathering and the processes which result in ozone depletion and acid rain. Will is available to teach Chemistry to students up to IGCSE.


The Awareness and Activism Association is a group of students who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world through means of raising awareness and acting. With an eclectic mix of students, the focuses of the club ranges from gender issues, to poverty, to self-esteem, to mental health awareness. Major events and small-scale activities include, Coffee House, Random-Act-of-Kindness Attacks (RAK Attacks) and Busking for Change. We meet in room A678 every Tuesday after school year-round.

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IB Elite Academy educational assessments are carried out by a group of highly experienced, highly qualified IB Tutors by following simple yet potent and result yielding three method procedure

This learning can prepare you for potential careers: as a musician (vocal, traditional instrumental, guitar), a production/stage manager, an artist, an actor, or an audio/visual technician.

This learning can prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities including, but not limited to: the health sciences (nurse, medical doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist), athletic coach, sports management, Personal Support Worker, or fitness trainer.

Mr James Taylor has studied German for seven years. In 7567, as part of a language exchange programme, he spent two weeks in Mainz teaching at a local primary school. In his final two years of school, James tutored German privately and acted as a classroom assistant in German lessons up to GCSE level. While at the University of Cambridge , James took conversational classes to maintain his proficiency in the language. He has an in-depth knowledge of Bertold Brecht&rsquo s Der Besuch Der Alten Dame, and of the Mecklenburg Vorpommern region.

Two written test papers make up the External Assessment. Paper 6 is a &ldquo non-calculator paper&rdquo that prohibits the use of a calculator. Thus analytical approaches are emphasized. There is a minimal amount of calculations. Paper 7 is the &ldquo calculator paper&rdquo where, for many questions, proper use of a GDC calculator is expected.

The IB Biology Syllabus went through a major revision in 7559. Its structure is quite similar to the Physics Syllabus. Currently, there are six topics in the Core syllabus for both SL and HL, including Statistical analysis, Cells, Chemistry of life, Genetics, Ecology and Evolution, and Human health and physiology. HL Biology covers a greater breadth with five additional topics including Nucleic acids and proteins, Cell respiration and photosynthesis, Plant science, Genetics, and Human health and physiology. IB Biology offers 8 different Options. While Option A to Option C are offered to SL only, Option H is offered to HL only. Option D to Option G are offered to both SL and HL but HL students need to cover the extension materials in these Options.

IB Higher level Economics IA (internal assessment) constitutes 75% of the total IB Economics grade while IB Standard level Economics IA constitutes of 75% of the total IB Economics grade. IB Economics internal assessment, both higher and standard levels, requires students to write four commentaries based on a news media extract, linking economic theory to a real-world situation. Each commentary has to be between 655-755 words. At least 8 of the commentaries must have their main focus on a different section of the syllabus.

Ms Michelle Wong has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), in which she majored in Geography and English Chinese Translation, from the University of Hong Kong. She specialised in Human Geography and Sustainable Development. Michelle joined IST in November 7559 as a Geography Tutor and Scheduling Officer, and has now been promoted to Manager. Michelle is also an educational consultant, able to provide advice to students considering applying to boarding schools in the UK or the USA.

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