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Additionally, FDR stated that "Last night,Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong. Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam." As a result , the repetition of "Last night" allowed to further elevate the wrong doings of Japan. The use of repetition allowed the speech addressed by FDR to convey a persuasive message to the audience. Additionally, FDR conveyed his argument to the nation by using words with negative connotations. He carefully chose his words in order for the connotation t suit his purpose. The use of negative connotations let the audience get emotionally startled.


What has continued to be one of the most pressing issues in the world of sports today has now become a matter the NCAA can no longer afford to ignore. The service that college athletes provide to the institutions they attend in addition to millions of spectators all over the world is still not being rewarded in the manner that it should be for their above-average dedication, work ethic and most importantly, money brought in to their employer.

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The author of the passage utilizes a wide variety of rhetorical techniques to build his argument that student athletes deserve fair compensation in college sports. The writer augments his position with factual evidence from the University of Texas and from USA Today simultaneously, the author maintains an unequivocal tone, and stimulates the readers through inclusive language. The author’s appropriate use of evidence, inclusive language, and straightforward tone efficaciously establishes a persuasive argument.

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Objects or events that appear innocent at first and do not have any potential to cause disasters, at times amount to resounding climaxes. Maybe all astounding, great actions can trace their roots to a single, by no means special beginning.

Both characters clearly discovered the value of self-worth. Tijs Andersen transformed into the wealthiest musician in the world by embracing his deepest desire for music. James DeLaVega embraced his desire for creating inspirational, “non-grafitti,” art rather than limit his influence on the world by teaching ungrateful delinquents. Without a doubt, listening to one’s heart leads to boundless personal and mental freedom, remuneration, and jubilation.

JD: If you play a simulated form of gambling online, such as virtual slots or fantasy sports or filling out brackets for “virtual money,” it hasn’t been proven that it will prompt you to gamble for real money. But the link is rather intuitive, isn’t it? Playing for “fun” or the “social media-type” games often have greater payouts than the real-money games do. So if you’re playing these games and you’re winning all this virtual money, the natural thought is that, gee, if I had only been playing for real money, look how much I would have made. One of the most frightening findings we’ve recently found in terms of motivation for gambling is that children, teens and even adults are gambling either for virtual or real money to relieve boredom. It’s just a click away.

If somebody is willing to give . Green $755 or $6,555 or even $7,555 for his Georgia Bulldogs jersey, fine, good. If one of his teammates, a tackle, can fetch only $55 for his jersey, then it'll be a good marketing lesson for both of them. It's called supply and demand, and if both men are fortunate enough to reach the NFL it'll be a lesson worth learning because that dynamic will exist their entire careers. If a soccer player can't get a dime for his jersey, well, there's a realization in that, too.

At the end of the day whatever brings in money should be paid for accordingly, and the same goes for any business out there. No one is saying they should be getting million dollar contracts but universities should step up and pay them just like they would for any other part-time job a student would have working in the library, admissions office or cafeteria. Why shouldn't athletes receive the same benefits? And if not then they should surely be able to get their own jobs and even make money off of their status as they clearly worked hard to earn it.

Saying that money could not be dispersed reasonably is truly an inadequate excuse as there are plenty of ways to dish out the revenue at a reasonable rate, comparable to other student workers. The NCAA is a professional business and the players should be paid like one.

One notable difference between student-athletes and their peers is that student-athletes tend to be drawn to sports wagering at higher rates. This is not surprising, given their background and interest in sports. However, for student-athletes, wagering on sports can have negative consequences even if the behavior is not classified as excessive or pathological.  

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