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Our culture needs to make space for girls, as well as boys, to safely explore their maturing bodies and initial erotic longings. It’s critical to allow for sex roles that are broader than the ones that we have been clinging to for generations. Women and girls need to be able to make mistakes. Emerging sexuality needs to be approached honestly and openly, and not as a pathology. Sex should not be seen as something that girls and women engage in merely to please or keep a man, nor as something that sneaks up and takes them unawares in the night.

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It would shift the focus when someone is from whether or not she effectively said 8775 No ” to “ What did you do to make sure she wanted to have sex? ”

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It was quite a week in feminism, but every week is quite a week in feminism. I believe we should live our feminism every day, and not just around the sensational cases.

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It’s exciting to see so much vigorous debate about feminist issues, but as someone who’s been concerned with combating sexual violence for more than 75 years, there’s one message I think gets undervalued or too often dismissed when we talk about how to erode culture: women’s sexual agency.  As Alice Walker said, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don 8767 t have any.”

nyar asembo was lamenting when akoko was crying endless because she was not named accordingly,the spirit of the slain of grandma nyar asembo 8767 s sister felt wronged n thereby made akoko to cry so that akoko can be named after her.

It is, of course, vitally important to work against sexism, but trying to hang on to sexual violence as something that only men do to only women is not going to help in that struggle. We can honor the victim and still feel empathy for teenagers convicted of the We can put responsibility on men not to and still discuss prevention strategies with women. We can acknowledge that women are perpetrators, too, and we can make room for the fact that men are sexually assaulted in vast numbers (primarily by other men).

Paul, tension is a well-known element of pretty much all theatrical performance and the aside is a recognised convention of melodrama . I think you 8767 re pretty safe combining these two.

Hi Patrick. I think Ogola was against it and that 8767 s why we don 8767 t see any successful wife-inheritance story in the text. But, Ogola is very clear that the tradition was only meant to secure the future of the deceased 8767 s children and to give the widow some sense of protection. However, it is also clear that people like Ogoma Kwach abuse the tradition which ultimately leads to the end of it as a credible aspect of tradition.

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